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Does the SBA pay for alcohol at events?

Nope. The SBA never pays for alcohol at events, be it an SBA event or through a funds request.

How much of the student fee goes towards food for clubs?

No student fees go to food for clubs unless they specifically request it (through student enrichment; there are no rules or specific guidelines as to how reps can disperse student enrichment money). Clubs usually buy food out of their own club accounts. Club accounts aren’t supplemented by student fees.

What exactly does my $35 student fee pay for?

Excellent question! The best way to answer this is for you to see yourself: you can do this by accessing the budget.

Since the SBA is almost exclusively funded by student fees, the SBA Budget is the best breakdown of the fees, more specifically, the “Expenses” portion of the budget.┬áThe budget is passed every year in September, as it was this year. While the Treasurer has the responsibility of informing the Representatives on each line item, the budget is passed by all the Board and Representatives. If you are concerned with some aspect of the budget, please contact your class rep or submit a comment or question here, ticking the “SBA budget” box.

What is the law school’s current enrollment?

As of October 2013, the school currently has 387 students:
1Ls = 109
2Ls = 118
3Ls = 160

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