Pursuing Justice. Finding Solutions.

At Gonzaga Law, an unwavering commitment to pursuing justice and finding solutions means a legal education that helps you achieve your goals. If you plan on being the type of lawyer that is unafraid to blaze a path, has uncompromising dedication, achieves unbelievable success, and maintains an unselfish commitment to justice; then Gonzaga Law is your law school.

  • Gonzaga Law values innovation and forward-thinking.

    “After being passed up for a promotion at my
    job, a Gonzaga law student pulled me aside
    and told me I should be a lawyer. I had been
    working in a cubicle for several years and I
    realized that even if I got the promotion I
    would never be satisfied. I was simply
    following the path of least resistance. Lawyers
    are the leaders of our country. They can
    change the world and make lasting
    impacts on people lives and communities.

    That is the path of my heart and soul.”
    Dan Hayward, Class of 2016

    “On a personal level, the encouragement and overwhelming
    support I received from Gonzaga was the single reason
    I was able to complete my education and pursue my goals and
    dreams. On an academic level, they prepared me for the rigors
    of the working world. The education I received sharpened my
    analytical thinking, broadened by global view and challenged
    me to grow as an individual.
    Every day, I am grateful to
    have had the incredible blessing of attending Gonzaga.”
    Aimee Maurer, Class of 2006

  • Gonzaga Law Will Compete With You

    “The school reflects Spokane well, with the small
    town mentality and connection to the outside
    world. The professors have life experiences
    beyond the classroom and are open to sharing
    what they do and teach more real world
    application of the law.
    You can always find
    the professors throughout the building with
    their friendly smiles and insightful conversations.”
    Pam Smith, Class of 2016

    “My favorite memory from law school would
    be taking Fed Ex to trial with George Critchlow
    for an indigent client. The jury was hung, but
    in a following discovery dispute, Fed Ex made
    a critical admission in an affidavit opposing
    one of our motions. That admission allowed us
    to convince the federal judge to reconsider a
    jury instruction he denied during the trial. It is
    my opinion that the judge’s change in position
    resulted in the case ultimately settling. Going
    to trial with George was an amazing experience.
    Blake Pickett, Class of 2004

  • Washington State Supreme Court visits Gonzaga

    Finding Solutions & Success in an Ever-Changing Legal World

    “After passing the bar exam, friends from law
    school who happened to be working at the
    Court of Appeals and the Washington State
    attorney General’s office recommended me
    for positions which I obtained in both cases.
    Had I not had this GU network I might
    have had an entirely different (and less
    fulfilling) career.” – Maureen McGuire, Class of 1981

    “I got a job through Gonzaga working with
    the attorney general’s office in the
    consumer protection division. Gonzaga really
    helped me prepare for the interview. The
    staff is always working with you to
    find jobs and opportunities that will
    help you grow 
    your career.
    – Asta Margaryan, Class of 2015

  • Pursuing Justice in the Legal Community


    “Justice is something that has always been important to me.
    I wanted to stand in the gap for other people and be
    their voice and advocate
    . I also wanted to be a judge and
    I set that as a goal from early in my career. It has always
    been important to me that I live a life of service and return the
    blessings that have been so generously poured into my life.”

    Aimee Maurer, Class of 2006


    “I am Christian. I am Episcopalian. I have spent a lot
    of time over the years at the Jesuit house with men such
    as Father Bernard Coughlin and Father Frank Costello.
    We talked a lot about religion. I believe my Christian
    background serves me very well in this job… It can be
    difficult. I see some very disturbing things and come
    across some very violent people. I have a job to do though,
    and want to make sure that I am doing it well. I believe
    Gonzaga prepared me both intellectually and emotionally
    for this career, which is something I will never forget.
    The Honorable Justin Quackenbush, Class of 1957

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