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Jurisdiction Salad: Washington Style

Jurisdiction doctrine in Washington has been orthodox for most of the state’s history. For individuals, the strictures of Pennoyer v. Neff on in  personam jurisdiction were scrupulously observed. Until the … Read More


Wrongful Foreclosures in Washington

As the nation faces an onslaught of foreclosures following a catastrophic crisis of predatory and improvident lending, current homeowners seek relief in a variety of ways. For example, homeowners can … Read More

Survey of Property Law: Real Property Law

Jon A. Van Woerkom, Survey of Washington Law, Real Property Law (Smith v. King) 27 Gonz.L.Rev. 193 (1987–88) [PDF]          [Westlaw]          [LexisNexis] SURVEY OF WASHINGTON LAW REAL PROPERTY LAW … Read More