Natural Resources Law Bibliography

This annotated bibliography is intended for law students and attorneys interested in natural resources law as it pertains specifically to agriculture. It is limited to material published in the United States within the last twenty years but excludes mineral, energy, solar resources and water pollution because of the vast amount of materials available in these areas. Water law is further limited to the last ten years concentrating on the Western states and generally excluding riparian water rights.

Law review articles are not included as access to these is easily available through Index to Legal Periodicals, Current Law Index and Legal Resources Index. Journal titles which deal specifically with natural resources and agricultural law are not listed as their contents are included in the legal periodical indexes.

Cases are also excluded as access to them is available through many sources.

Legislative history for agriculture is extensive. The researcher is referred to the Congressional Information Service CIS Annuals and Supplements for indexing and abstracts of Congressional hearings, reports, documents and committee prints.

For additional references see the bibliographies listed at the end of this bibliography. This section includes one bibliography from Calgary which contains United States sources.

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Elizabeth A. Thweatt, Natural Resources Law Bibliography, 20 Gonz. L. Rev. 773 (1985).

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