Community Property Bibliography

This annotated bibliography is intended to be a reference source for the attorney or law student interested in community property research. It includes both practice books and treatises, and covers the general outline of the subject as well as specific problems in the state of Washington. With few exceptions, every item listed should be available from local law libraries. Law review articles are not included as a bibliography including all of them would be too long. Suffice it to say that law reviews published in community property jurisdictions will regularly include articles on current concerns in the areas of community property. These law review articles are easily accessed using the CURRENT LAW INDEX or the INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS. This is also the case with articles dealing with community property in other specialized journals, such as those on taxation or estate planning. Many periodical articles are listed in bibliographies or footnotes of some of the works noted below.

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Lorraine E. Rodich, Community Property Bibliography, 19 Gonz. L. Rev. 629 (1983).


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