Gonzaga Law School Commencement Address

J. Bobbe. J. Bridge, Gonzaga Law School Commencement Address, 37 Gonz. L. Rev. 397 (2002).

Chancellor Coglin, Father Spitzer, Dean Morrissey, distinguished faculty,
graduates, honored guests:

Thank you so very much for this honor. At one point in my life, as you’ve heard, I thought I’d obtain a Ph.D., be thinking great thoughts, and be teaching at an institution not unlike this one. That would have allowed my parents to brag about “their daughter the doctor.” But the law beckoned-a “calling” perhaps-who’s to know for certain. We didn’t have lawyers in my family, so I don’t really know where that particular tug came from. But as I look back now, I’m very glad it did. And by giving me this honorary degree today, my parents can still at long last have a doctor in the family!

This honor is especially sweet because it comes in recognition of work that I love, work that has given me the privilege of rubbing elbows with great minds, wonderful souls, committed to using their talents to make this world a better place for our children and families. It’s work that has given my life purpose-added texture and color to the frequently gray tones of working life. It has given me passion. Something I want to talk with you about more, later. This honor is made even more special because it comes from this esteemed institution. A university and its law school dedicated to preparing its graduates “to enter creatively, intelligently, and with deep moral conviction into a variety of endeavors, and to provide leadership in the arts, the professions, business, and public service.”‘ Inspiring those who come here to use their education for the greater good, for the betterment of us all. . . . Read More

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