On Justice

John Morey Maurice, On Justice, 38 Gonz. L. Rev. 251 (2003).

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A concept and construct of justice is by its nature very personal. I have attempted to present my ideas in a straight-forward, readable manner using everyday language. I have been composing portions of this essay in my mind for the better part of twenty years. It is only now in the seventh decade of my life that I have had the courage, some might even suggest audacity, to put my thoughts and observations in writing. This essay embodies my view of justice based on what I have read on the subject, personal reflection, life experience, my observations of the society and times in which I have lived, and the many conversations on justice that I have had over the years with friends, colleagues, and students. This essay reflects how justice speaks to me. It is my hope that it will stimulate and encourage readers to look within themselves and contemplate how justice speaks to them….Read More

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