Guidelines with Commentary for the Evaluation of Legal Externship Programs

J.P. Ogilvy, Guidelines with Commentary for the Evaluation of Legal Externship Programs, 38 Gonz. L. Rev. 155 (2003).

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This Article is part of a larger project to create a set of guidelines, with commentary, for the evaluation of clinical legal education programs. The Externship Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are published here with the hope and expectation that the legal education community will read, analyze, and comment on them. As a result of that input, subsequent drafts of the Guidelines should reflect a broad consensus among legal educators with respect to the standards for good legal externship programs and a methodology for evaluating legal externship programs. It also is anticipated that working on guidelines in the discrete area of legal externships will inform and improve the standards and guidelines for the broader project clinical legal education generally.

These Guidelines grow out of previous work on guidelines for clinical legal education developed by several other sources. They are the direct descendant of the work of clinical educators between 1995 and 1998 under the auspices of the Clinical Legal Education association (“CLEA”) and the Association of American Law Schools Section on Clinical Legal Education (“Section”). These Guidelines on externships also have been influenced, to a lesser extent, by the work of two other bodies: the Committee on the Future of the In-House Clinic and the joint AALS-ABA Committee on Guidelines for Clinical Legal Education…Read More

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