Looking Back While Stepping Forward

Cathleen Douglas Stone, Looking Back While Stepping Forward, 25 Gonz. L. Rev. 1 (1989).

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Cathleen Douglas Stone, the Widow of Justice William O. Douglas, was the speaker for the 1988-89 William O. Douglas Lecture Series at Gonzaga University. The following is an adaptation of her remarks:

“My presentation is a reminiscence of my late husband, William O. Douglas, and his views on the first amendment. As a corporate lawyer and the widow of Justice Douglas, I am not the best person to critique his record in any area of the law. I really think that the most important thing I can contribute is to tell you from my perspective what the first amendment meant to Bill-both as a judge and as an individual citizen. I would also like to use this opportunity to look forward and examine new areas of dispute on first amendment concerns. Finally, I will close with just a few observations about the changes that will take place on the Court as we go into a new administration, keeping in mind that this Court has three justices in their eighties.”

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