A Survey of Washington Medical Malpractice Law

Philip A. Talmadge & Ann Marie Neugebauer, A Survey of Washington Medical Malpractice Law, 23 Gonz. L. Rev. 267 (1988)

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In recent years, American states have continued to experience significant numbers of malpractice actions commenced against health care professionals and institutions. No segment of the health care profession has escaped the impact; liability insurance premiums for all health care practitioners, including physicians, dentists, and hospitals, have increased. Although there may be several solutions to the problem of rising numbers of malpractice suits, an important one is prevention. Health care practitioners
and the attorneys who advise them should be familiar with malpractice law because a general understanding of the legal concepts will help the practitioner avoid malpractice situations.’ General understanding has become increasingly difficult. The substantive law of malpractice has been undergoing a period of change as state legislatures have attempted to address the rise in the number of malpractice suits and courts have been faced with new issues posed by emerging technologies. This article summarizes the current substantive law of medical malpractice in the State of Washington. . .

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