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The Gonzaga International Law Society and Gonzaga Journal of International Law wish to share Professor Acharya’s Achievements in the field of International Law:

“As all of you may know, Professor Acharya has been very active in scholarship and presenting papers around the world. Recently, Professor Acharya has been elected as a member of the Executive Council for the Asian Society of International Law! The Executive Council is responsible for all of the executive functions of the Society; it is the head and brains of the entire organization. The Asian Society of International Law is an international law scientific organization that has members from mostly Asia and all over the world, including the United States. This is a very prestigious organization to be a part of, which has a working relationship with American, European, Australian, and New Zealand Societies of International law, as well as many other national Societies of International Law. Professor Acharya surprisingly did not pursue this position. Rather, those who appreciate and recognize him used their votes to make him what is now an active member of the Executive Council’s General Assembly.

Please join us in congratulating him on this new position!
Among other achievements, Professor Acharya has been elected as a member of the Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence in Turkey, which is a Center initiated by NATO. Also, this last summer he was honored with the title of “Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Teaching and Research of WTO Disputes”. This was given to him by Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, China and is sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce! 
He is currently a part of the American branch of the International Law Society, where he serves on the Human Rights Committee, the Corporate Human Rights Committee, and the International Law Teaching Committee, and he is also undertaking a project that examines the fulfillment of the U.S. obligation for Human Rights, specifically focusing on security and human rights, which will be a report submitted to the UN Human Rights Commission.
These are just a few of his accomplishments, as Professor Acharya has published many articles, presented on many topics, and participated in many memberships internationally. 
The International Law Society and Gonzaga Journal of International Law is proud to have him as an advisor as we all are to have him here as a professor.
Congratulations Professor Acharya!